Grandparents and Grandchildren: Dude Ranch Vacation Experiences

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch has hosted many families and small reunions over the years but this season in particular we are noticing a trend of grandparents and grandchildren kids traveling together. It is interesting to see the different motivations for their dude ranch vacation. Some are fulfilling the dream of a horse crazy grandchild. Some are on a road trip and want a unique place to stop for a few days. Some of the grandparents used to be very involved with horses when they were younger but haven’t had a chance to ride in years and want to recapture that magic while others are getting on a horse for the first time! No matter the reason for choosing us, both grandparents and grandchildren are loving the freedom that a vacation at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch provides.

Grandmother and granddaughter on horseback for a Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch trail ride.What Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Expect at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

We are a small ranch and have plenty of opportunities for the kids to assist the wranglers. We are happy to teach them how to groom and tack up their horses as well as other chores likes scooping poop or feeding the horses. Of course, it’s not a vacation without play time as well! The favorite activity of many kids is learning how to rope. After a lesson from Meris, we often find kids practicing whenever they get the chance and hearing their excitement as they lasso “Buford” around the horns.

Another fundamental part of a vacation at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is the evening campfire. And of course no campfire is complete without a s’more! It’s always lovely to see the s’mores knowledge that the grandparents pass along to their grandchildren. Singing is another staple around the campfire and our song sheet has tunes that all generations can sing along to.

Here are a few reminders as you plan your vacation with us: At Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch you will ride and play together as a family. As we are a small ranch, we do not have dedicated children’s programs or babysitting services. The minimum age for children to ride horses on the trail is 6 years old. We do offer short pony rides on the ranch property for children younger than age 6. We have well-trained, gentle horses and can accommodate any level of rider.

So contact us today to get the ball rolling on a truly memorable vacation with your grandchildren!