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Did You Say Santa Fe?! Learn About Adventure Travel in New Mexico

Adventure travel in New Mexico has always been popular. But did you say Santa Fe? What does that have to do with adventure travel?! Recently, Forbes Magazine rated the Santa Fe area as a Top 14 U.S. Travel Destination for 2019. Forbes reached out to the most plugged-in travel experts and influencers to find out […]

bucket list vacations

Bucket List Vacations at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

I was recently reading a post on RanchSeeker about bucket list vacations. They were inspired by Ranch & Reserve Magazine’s 9th issue which had an article titled: “If a Guest Ranch Vacation Isn’t on Your Bucket List It Should Be”. Many of our guests tell us that coming to Geronimo Trail fulfills one of their bucket list vacations. […]

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month: Learn More About Geronimo

This November we are honoring Native American Heritage Month. And at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch, it’s all in the name. The namesake of our ranch is Geronimo, an Apache who was born and raised in the Gila National Forest. While his exact birthplace is unknown, it is said that he was born at the confluence […]

New Mexico Tourism: Small Guest Ranch, Big Impact

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a small operation when it comes to New Mexico tourism. We have 4 cabins and can accommodate 16 people maximum. On a yearly basis, we host a couple hundred people. As we celebrate our 11 year anniversary of operation, we can look back and recall each of our guests (and, […]

ranch cooking

Ranch Cooking: Interview with Chef Fred at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

There’s always something delicious cooking (ranch cooking that is) at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch.  During your visit to the Gila National Forest in New Mexico, one thing’s for sure: you’re going to work up a big appetite! Especially when horseback riding all day. Lucky for you, you’ll always have a choice of mouth-watering fare and our […]

New Mexico's Best Kept Secret

New Mexico’s Best Kept Secret: The Gila National Forest

Want to know New Mexico’s Best Kept Secret? It’s the Gila National Forest. The Gila is truly a hidden gem in Southwestern New Mexico. It is 3.3 million acres and is best known for its wilderness areas (the Gila, Aldo Leopold, and Blue Range Wildernesses). In fact, the Gila Wilderness was established in 1924 as the […]

girls trip vacation ideas

Girls Trip Vacation Idea: The Best Place to Vacation With Your Best Friend

Next time you are looking for girls trip vacation ideas, consider a dude ranch vacation! They are one of the best getaways for a girls-only vacation. What better way to bond with your gals than riding horses all day? The fun doesn’t stop there. After you return from a day on the trail, you can relax on a porch […]

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2018

Plan Ahead For Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2018!

**Blog Updated July 1, 2018** Are you planning a trip to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2018 this October? If so, consider adding on a stay at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch! We are located approximately 4 hours south of Albuquerque and still have availability during Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2018. The Fiesta runs from October 6-14, 2018. […]

Gila Wilderness

The Gila Wilderness Celebrates 94 Years. Happy Birthday!

One of the largest National Forests in the continental United States is the Gila National Forest (3.3 million acres!) The Gila consists of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness, the Blue Range Wilderness, and the Gila Wilderness. Most noteworthy is the Gila Wilderness. On June 3, 1924, it was set aside as the first nationally designated wilderness. […]

New Mexico Summer Events

New Mexico Summer Events That Will Make You Book Your Trip Today!

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch still has availability for mid-June through mid-July. Plus there are many New Mexico summer events in June and July for you to take advantage of! Although we are located in Southwestern New Mexico, our elevation is about 6,800 feet. The Black Range Mountains of the Gila National Forest shelter us beneath the […]

New Mexico Digital Detox

New Mexico Digital Detox

Vacation is a time when you are looking to recharge and reconnect (either with others or with yourself). However, that can be difficult when you rely on your electronic devices day and night. So it’s time for a New Mexico digital detox! Technology is a part of our everyday lives. But vacation is the chance […]

Dude Ranch Experience

The Gift that Keeps on Giving? A New Mexico Dude Ranch Experience!

This past holiday season we noticed a lot of discussion around people gifting experiences instead of “stuff”. Nowadays, it seems like people want to invest their money in truly memorable experiences they will cherish for a lifetime (we particularly noticed this trend with Grandparents and Grandchildren last season). So how about a New Mexico dude ranch experience? […]

March Events in New Mexico

March Events in New Mexico

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch opens for the season in March and we still have availability. Plus there are several March events in New Mexico to take advantage of! The beauty of being located in Southwestern New Mexico in the Gila National Forest is our weather. March typically finds most of the country in the grips […]

New Mexico Dude Ranch Vacation Holiday Special

New Mexico Dude Ranch Vacation Holiday Special

10% discount! Take advantage of our New Mexico Dude Ranch Vacation Holiday Special. Now is the perfect time of year to plan your 2018 ranch vacation! At Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch we are offering a 10% discount off your stay if you book by 1/1/18. We understand that the holidays can stress your cash flow. Along with a 10% […]

New Mexico Spring Break

New Mexico Spring Break at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

We open for the season in March and we want our guests to take full advantage of those spring months for a New Mexico Spring Break! Spring break often conjures up images of crowded beaches, long lines at theme parks and rowdy party people. We instead invite you to join us for a whole different […]

dude ranch vacation gift certificate

It’s Time to Purchase Your Dude Ranch Vacation Gift Certificate!

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch Gift Certificate Are you trying to find the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life? Consider a dude ranch vacation gift certificate! Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is offering gift certificates for a horseback riding vacation with us. The holiday season is quickly approaching. What better time to surprise a special […]

Cowgirl Getaway

Cowgirl Getaway at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch in New Mexico

Do you have a group of ladies that you love to ride with? Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a wonderful place for a cowgirl getaway! Our small size of 4 cabins and maximum capacity of 16 guests ensures personal attention. In fact, if there are 10 or more of you ladies, you will have the […]

Festival of the Cranes

Festival of the Cranes is a Must See This November!

This November is the 30th Annual Festival of the Cranes at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in Socorro, New Mexico. It is a must see if you are in New Mexico in mid-November. The Bosque del Apache is only 125 miles from Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch and is located just off Interstate 25. If you […]

10 Year Anniversary

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary!

This October we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary of owning Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch! Originally started as a hunting lodge in the 1980’s, Geronimo Trail evolved into a guest ranch in 2002. It was 10 years ago that Harry, Diana, and Meris Esterly purchased Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch. So how did a family […]

New Mexico Family Reunions

New Mexico Family Reunions at Geronimo Guest Ranch!

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a wonderful place for New Mexico family reunions! Our small size of 4 cabins and maximum capacity of 16 guests ensures personal attention. In fact, if there are 10 or more of you, you will have the entire ranch to yourselves! We love the small size of our ranch because it […]