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Gila Wilderness

The Gila Wilderness Celebrates 94 Years. Happy Birthday!

One of the largest National Forests in the continental United States is the Gila National Forest (3.3 million acres!) The Gila consists of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness, the Blue Range Wilderness, and the Gila Wilderness. Most noteworthy is the Gila Wilderness. On June 3, 1924, it was set aside as the first nationally designated wilderness. […]

Dwelling Canyon Trail Ride

The Dwelling Canyon Trail Ride

One of our favorite places to share with our guests is an area we call the Dwelling Canyon Trail Ride. The history of this canyon ranges from 50 to 1,000 years ago! The Mimbres people were in this area from 200-1150 AD. Today you can still see pictographs (paintings on the rock walls) they painted. You […]