Families & Reunions

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a perfect spot to reconnect with those you love for a fun-filled family vacation or a small reunion.

We offer an opportunity to slow down from busy day to day life and enjoy our beautiful area by horseback. Our ranch is just the right size to give personalized attention during your stay. We have 4 cabins and can accommodate up to 16 people. Your all-inclusive stay comprises everything you need: comfortable accommodations, 3 hearty delicious meals a day, all horseback riding and any other activities or entertainment such as seeing 1,000 year old archeological sites right near the ranch, campfires, games, line dancing or western movie in the evenings and more!

family gatherings

You will enjoy these activities during your stay with us:


Horseback Riding

At Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch you will ride together as a family. As we are a small ranch, we do not have dedicated children’s programs or babysitting services. The minimum age for children to ride horses on the trail is 6 years old. We do offer short pony rides on the ranch property for children younger than age 6. We have well-trained, gentle horses and can accommodate any level of rider.

Outdoor Adventures

Children will have fun hiking with their family, swimming in the creek, practicing roping skills and having the freedom to explore the ranch property. We also have horseshoes and a variety of board games at the ranch which we enjoy joining in on with the children!

Adults have the opportunity for fantastic stargazing, unguided hiking, photography, or just reading a good book on one of our bench swings.

Native American Culture

You will have the opportunity to explore caves and cliff dwellings while you are here! A people called the Mimbres were here from 200-1150 AD and remains of their civilization can still be seen here including pithouses, cliff dwellings, pottery shards, pictographs and other artifacts. You will also learn about the famous Apache warrior Geronimo who was born in this area, discover shelters from Basque people who brought sheep through the area 100 years ago, and even see the remains of a Tin mine operation!

We are open March through mid-November.

Contact us with questions or to book an unforgettable adventure with your loved ones here at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch.

Ask us about special pricing opportunities for groups. If there are 10 or more of you, chances are you will have the ranch to yourselves and our undivided attention!