About Our Ranch

We Offer Memorable New Mexico Dude Ranch Vacations

Serenity and solitude are concepts not often discussed, much less experienced, amid the turmoil of life in these early years of the 21st century. You’ll find them at our New Mexico dude ranch!

Here, beneath the tall Ponderosa pines, in the cool higher elevations of the Black Range Mountains of southwest New Mexico, the quiet is such that you can hear the approach of an eagle from the beat of the air beneath his wings. Large herds of elk frequent the meadows, streams and lakes nearby.  It is the perfect setting for our guests who are seeking the finest in New Mexico dude ranch vacations.

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch, Horseback Riding is included with our New Mexico dude ranch vacations

85 miles from the nearest stoplight, evidence of the intrusion of modern man is virtually absent. Yet the mountains and canyons evoke the heritage of the American cowboy, and abound with relics of Native American societies who have gone before us.

zia symbol

The Zia is the Native American symbol for the sun and nature’s bounty, enclosed by the circle of life. It is the centerpiece of the flag of New Mexico – truly The Land of Enchantment. Life here is governed by the passage of the sun, not by a clock.

After a few days on their New Mexico dude ranch vacations, our guests often lose track of the date…and find they don’t care anymore. As has often been observed, it is hard to have a bad day on the back of a good horse. This is a special place in America, an adventure offering a unique perspective on our past and encouraging some thoughtful reflection on the future.

One of our guests recently called Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch a “happy place.” Whether horseback riding, hiking, discovering 1,000 year old cliff dwellings or sitting around the campfire, it is certainly an environment where you can create lifetime memories with your family and friends.

Our New Mexico dude ranch vacations run March through mid-November.